Don't Be Afraid of Photoshop: Episode 2

Don't Be Afraid of Photoshop: Episode 2



In Episode 2 of Don't Be Afraid of Photoshop I teach you step by step simple techniques you can use to create a short engaging video clip using music, cutouts and texture similar to the ones Beyoncé uses on her Instagram. This 45 minute workshop is for anyone. You don't have to be a Photoshop expert or designer to do the exercise in this video. You will need Photoshop CC to complete the exercise. You may download a FREE trial of the program on Adobe's website by clicking HERE

Video clips are a fantastic way to ENGAGE YOUR PAGE. They are known to boost engagement and sales.

BONUS! Also includes Bonus TIPS.

This is a PRE-RECORDED video of my LIVE WORKSHOP with no attendee or technical interruptions. Upon purchase you will receive a link to download a PDF containing links to the videos.


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In this video tutorial I teach you step by step the techniques I used to create these videos: