The Formula for Selling a Product on Instagram

If you are using Instagram as one of your primary channels for marketing and building your audience then you should definitely be following this simple formula. Your posts should be a combination of the following: 


Many skip this part and get right on to promotions. You must educate people on what your product can do for them and what makes it special or better than the rest. You can do this with tutorials and product reviews. You also want to educate them on what your brand is about. What is your reason for selling your product. What is your brand story?


People love to feel inspired or like you can relate to them. Using quotes, memes and images that inspire or that your followers can relate to is key to building your ideal audience. These types of posts should always convey your brand’s core values.


Engage your followers with relevant pop culture happenings, questions and games. I repeat these post need to be relevant to your brand. Don’t post something random just because it is popular.

Promo Your Product:

Once you’ve done the first 3 then you promo your product, always do it in a way that is not intrusive or sale-sy. Posts with prices plastered all over them or every other post on your page asking for the sale is NOT how you market on IG. Your promo posts need to feel organic and if you’ve provided the first 3 parts of this formula your followers will see you are offering value and not just trying to make the sale. You lay the foundation for loyalty before the purchase is even made.

Take a look at your page and see if you are following this formula. Don't be afraid to delete posts or repurpose them so that you get the formula right!

Tiffani HuntComment