Let Your Customers do the Talking: WHAT IS UGC?


Let your customers do the talking! UGC short for "User Generated Content" is the content produced by your customers using your product. This content could be in the form of a picture, video, use of your hashtag, or reposting about a sale, recent purchase or any other branded content that has to do with your business. With so many brands vying for their voice to be heard on social media UGC has become increasingly more important. Consumers have become so use to direct marketing from brands on social media that they are easily tuned out. Consumers trust the opinions of other consumers more than they do direct marketing from a brand, for this reason your customers can be one of your biggest marketing assets. Knowing that someone else has had a great experience with your product is a powerful motivation to buy. UGC makes your most passionate customers your biggest advocates effectively building a community around your product or service. 

92% of consumers trust UGC more than direct advertising from brands. (via: Business News Daily)

If your brand is not using UGC you are missing out on a crucial marketing strategy. 

So how do you start creating a catalogue of user generated content for your business? Here are 4 simple tips:

  • In your packaging add a small card asking customers to repost themselves in your product and use your branded hashtag.
  • Run a contest where one of the rules is the customer must repost one of your branded content images. 
  • Ask your followers to follow your branded hashtag.
  • Spotlight customers on your page and Instastory by tagging them using your content or products. If you spotlight on your feed be sure the image matches your overall content...if not simply post in your instastory. 

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