What is Private Labeling?

You don't have to completely formulate or come up with a new cosmetic, hair or skin care product to start a business in the beauty industry. Many companies start out and continue to use Private Label companies to manufacture their products. You would be surprised to know that some of your favorite beauty brands use a private label company.

Private labeling is when your product is manufactured by another company but sold under your brand name.

There is practically any product you can think of available for private labeling. Manufacturing a product from scratch can be costly. With private labeling you can launch a quality product with minimal start-up cost. Whether you manufacture a product on your own or use a private label, you will want to test the product before selling. It is important for you to be familiar with the quality of anything you put your brand name on.

Speaking of brand name...when it comes to private labeling remember your brand is what sells the product. Someone could be using the same private label company as you selling the same lip gloss, but what matters is how you package it and how you present it to your audience.

Tiffani HuntComment