4 Viral Marketing Tactics

Getting your brand noticed on social media gets more difficult with each passing day. While scrolling our social media feeds we are constantly bombarded with information, products and content all attempting to grab just 1 second of our attention. The tactics in this feature trigger emotions, get people talking and most importantly compel them to share.

Viral marketing can be defined as the rapid sharing of an idea, a portion of this idea contains a marketing message about buying a product or service.

No matter what size your business is you can take the methods used in these campaigns and craft them to sell your product and/or bring awareness to your brand.

1. Mystery

The mysterious marketing campaign for Jay-Z’s 13th studio album 4:44 caused a stir with people wondering what the number meant and what was coming. Images circulated for days before a film clip was released and it was announced that Hov would be releasing a visual album on Tidal. Creating mystery around the launch of your product by using a cryptic message or image before revealing it will get your audience intrigued, talking and create anticipation. People will want to know what’s the secret and how they can be in on it.

2. Pride

The very memorable Straight Outta “Somewhere” campaign for the film Straight Outta Compton had us all representing our hometowns.  Any time you can get your audience to feel proud of something they represent; whether it’s their hometown, heritage, style, or uniqueness you can create buzz.

3. Popularity

Every week there is a new meme out voicing our feelings on society, ourselves and any and everything around us. Memes are shared constantly. The popularity tactic uses a popular meme but with your brand's spin on it. You are getting your audience to relate to something that is already familiar to them by taking something popular and making it your own. In the below examples these brands put their spin on the popular meme of the blue vs. gold dress.

4. The Real World

This approach takes your viral marketing effort offline and into the world around you. The Glossier NYC subway campaign in the example below is LEVELS for sure, but you could mirror something similar on a smaller budget by using stickers (Glossier uses those too), leaving flyers or posters in areas your ideal customer may frequent or giving something away (Glossier gave away 500 roses). The object though is to keep the campaign simple yet memorable. Use bold colors, fonts, statements and images that grab attention.

Hope these tactics got your wheels turning on how you might be able to use these techniques in your own marketing efforts for your beauty products. Don't be afraid to test ideas or step out of your comfort zone!

Tiffani HuntComment