New Instagram Updates-December 2017 Edition


Instagram is constantly changing and some of those changes can be both for the good and the bad. As 2017 comes to a close, Instagram rolled out a number of changes to the platform that seem to be great news for brands! Check out what new changes were made and my take on what they can mean for your business.

story highlights

With this new addition to the platform you will be able to save your favorite stories to your page and they will show up in their own separate space below your bio. You can also label the stories as you see fit. The highlights remain even after your story disappears. Check out the example below:


Instagram stories have exploded this past year and more and more brands are consistently posting in their IG stories. With this new feature you will be able to showcase your best stories and show visitors who land on your page specific stories you think they should check out. Use this feature to spotlight a product demonstration, sale, or an introduction to your brand.

Other changes to Instagram Stories:

  • Ability to add older content to stories
  • Superzoom feature: lets you zoom in dramatically on a video or image in your story.
  • You can now view stories on the desktop version of Instagram
  • Stop Motion camera feature: Take a series of pics then put them together to form a stop motion video. Seems cool, but unfortunately you can't edit the video.
  • Split Screen Live: you can invite another user to join your live video. 

follow hashtags

Yep you can now follow your favorite hashtags. The top posts under that tag will then show up in your feed mixed in with regular pages you follow. This is awesome if you have a branded hashtag associated with your business, it also should create more reach and discovery (fingers crossed!).


updated view insights

If you have a business page then you may have noticed the make over that the information received under "View Insights" (this link is located beneath your post). This update has added more useful insights that you can use to better understand and help you with your content engagement.

Profile Visits: Tells you the number of people who viewed your profile after viewing the post. 
Follows: Tells the number of people who followed you after viewing the post.



Reach: The number of unique accounts that have seen your post.
Impressions: The number of times your post has been seen. Then beneath that, Impressions are broken down even further and while IG doesn't offer an explanation for what the other impressions mean I'll give you my best assessment.

From Home: number of times your post was seen in the feed.
From Hashtags: number of times your post was seen via the hashtags you used.
From Profile: number of times your post was seen from someone landing on your profile.
From Other: number of times your post was seen from other places where your post may be accessible (ie: your website).


new comment box

A new comment box appears if you linger on a post in your feed. This encourages commenting and makes a great update since comments help boost your post when it comes to the algorithm.


Conclusion: It will be interesting to see how these new changes play out and if they will help with more organic reach on the Instagram platform. I'm going to start experimenting and implementing these features into my own content. Try them out! See what works for your business. 


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