What's Your Brand Story?

Once Upon a Time…

A girl tired of her 9-5 had an idea. She was going to go into business for herself with an online store! *que super hero theme music*
But wait…the vast internet market place was already heavily saturated with the product she wants to sell. womp womp wompppp.

"HAVE NO FEAR MY DEAR"…she heard a voice say, “The best is yet to come and I’m going to show you the way”. There may be a lot of boutiques this is true but the universe is abundant and there are enough customers for you. Knowing your story is what it’s about keep your eyes on the prize and you will win no doubt."

Whatever type of online business you open it should represent a distinct personality and promote a specific lifestyle around the products you are selling. It may be a personality that is romantic, rebellious, or cynical living a lifestyle that is coveted (jet setting, vacations, red carpets). Once you know the type of personality and lifestyle you want your brand to be you must be intentional in all that you do. From the models you use to your captions and the look of your IG feed all of it should work together in harmony telling a part of your story. Stick to it and it will begin to unfold organically into an online brand that is recognizable and most importantly resonates with the hearts and minds of your ideal customers. In just a few sentences below I tell a short story for my product line:

"A city girl who is a fan of Beyoncé and Trap Music, she lives for mixing designer wears with affordable fashions. Her hair and nails are always done and she can be glamorous but also doesn’t mind being chill. She works hard and plays harder. She has a “bae” sometimes, and is in-tune with her sexuality and the universe. She’s down to earth with a slick mouth but can also be sensitive AF. “

From those few lines I can already begin to think about the types of posts I should do on my social media pages. Each one will some how relate back to the story of this girl.

If you don’t know who you are selling too marketing your product and building your following on Instagram will be hard for you. The key is focus. You may think that focusing to closely like this will prevent you from making money but it is actually the opposite. The online market is so saturated that people seek out products that speak directly to their needs and desires.

Tiffani Hunt2 Comments