4 Ways You Are Committing Branding Suicide

The idea is there and you have a great product or service, but if you are lacking in any of these areas when it comes to your business, you are committing BRANDING SUICIDE. With so many people selling and offering the same products and services, having a clear brand message can mean the difference between you being chosen over your competition. Here are 4 ways you are committing brand suicide right now:

1. Lack of Consistency

This is the single biggest factor in creating a recognizable brand and successful business. It is also the hardest. Last week your logo was purple, this week it's pink. You posted daily last week on your social media, this week you completely slacked off and posted nothing. You started out selling jewelry but now you've also started selling t-shirts. Your tone of voice was funny and casual now it's authoritative and bland. These types of things create a lack of consistency and consistency is key when it comes to branding and being successful in your industry. It can be hard sticking to one thing, I know that first hand! Being creative can be both a gift and a curse. I've had so many ideas and things that I want to do, but they remain stagnant due to lack of consistency. Avoid this by harnessing those ideas and sticking to one thing! I promise you the outcome of being consistent will be rewarding.


Who is your business at it's core. What does it sell? and Who needs what you are selling? If you can answer these questions then you are being clear on who you are. Without that clarity your business will run-a-muck! Be able to explain what you do or have to offer at the drop of a dime. Consistently (there's that word again!) communicate about your core product or service and your unique selling proposition.


The other day I was just perusing Instagram and came across a store that sold hair extensions, fat wraps, eyelashes and waist shapers. If you could see me right now I am rolling my eyes as I typed that! Try to avoid integrating things in your brand simply because it is trendy or someone else is doing well selling it. If you sell jewelry don't let me see you selling waist shapers in your store. Remember branding is about creating recognition. People who are well known and successful in their industry know that you can't sell anything to anybody. They have a clear understanding of their product or service and anything they add on to it fits into that understanding. Never add services or products to your brand that take you away from your core brand message. If you are a make-up artist adding eyelashes as a product you sell to your consumer is a good idea, adding necklaces and earrings is NOT a good idea. 


Yes I know everyone is not an artist or a designer, but you KNOW when something doesn't look good visually. People really do judge a book by it's cover. If you are posting blurry images and pictures of your products with bad lighting, you have ads popping up all over your website, mixed matched fonts and colors every where you could potentially be tarnishing your brand image. Give your audience the experience they crave with clear clean photos. If you must design your website on your own keep it simple and easy with by only choosing 2 fonts and 2 colors. As I mentioned above with your logo be consistent (and there that word is yet again!), don't constantly change it's color or place it against colors that change it's feeling and appearance. When it comes to your visuals if you are not a professional designer simplicity is best.