I'm Tiffani Nicole! And I am here to be your digital mentor. Your guide into the world of online e-commerce DOMINANCE in the beauty industry. Never before has it been easier to go into business for yourself! Because of that businesses are practically springing up every second of the day online. The markets are saturated with one copycat after the next, but for every copycat there are those who solidify their position, they aren't your average and definitely not cliche, they don't just build businesses they build BRANDS.

I am here to help you be one of them.

I've spent over 15 years running my own successful graphic design and branding and consulting business and I've absorbed countless books, courses and articles on the psychology of branding and ecommerce marketing and what it can do to make a business (YOUR BUSINESS) successful. I've also worked behind the scenes with some amazing brands including Creme of Nature, SnobLife, Earth's Necter, The NBA, The United Way and host of small businesses.  With beautybosslab.com I'm taking all my knowledge and skills and focusing on helping entrepreneurs be successful selling a beauty product online.

The content I share on this website is in a no "bullshit zone", many things are lessons or actual actions I or my clients and colleagues have actually done to create 6-figure and 7-figure online businesses!

10 TANTILIZING Tidbits about Tiff

(try saying that fast 3 times)

1. I was a Hollywood PR girl for 7 years. First working with NBA athletes then some A-list actors. I traveled and did red carpets and attended NBA Drafts, Emmys, and Grammys. I was in my 20's and it was an amazing time.

2. When I first graduated from college I was a serious painter, did art shows and everything.

3. I'm a night owl and will often stay up till 3AM.

4. I love to make gumbo and usually make it at least once a month during the winter and fall.

5. My parents were high school sweet hearts. My mom had me when she was 18.

6. I'm an LA girl who doesn't like driving on the freeway.

7. I come from a big family, my mom has 5 brothers and one sister. My dad has 4 sisters. I have 3 brothers and too many cousins to count.

8. I collect movies, I have over 300 DVDs, and tapes. Yes I'm probably the only person who still uses a VCR.

9. My favorite perfume is called "NOA". It was discontinued.

10. I'm a freckle face and didn't get them till I was 12 years old. It started out with just 5 or 6 then they covered my nose in over a year.